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In today’s consumer-driven, value-based healthcare environment, success depends on your ability to satisfy your members and patients. Healthcare consumers want intuitive, seamless healthcare experiences that allow them to focus more on getting well and less on hold-ups and surprises caused by lack of transparency, bureaucracy, and red tape.

The advantage goes to plans and providers with a technology strategy that allows members to participate in the care continuum as engaged health partners with processes designed to achieve cost-effective clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. This is where SS&C Health comes in. Grounded in 30 years as a healthcare technology leader with exceptional expertise in claims processing, we help you identify and operationalize health solutions technologies and processes to help you bring consumer-focus, future-facing strategies to life.

Using our health solutions products you will be able to integrate data, analytics, and healthcare insights for a direct impact on quality outcomes while reducing the resources needed to manage multiple systems, data silos and vendors. Our flexible, scalable healthcare IT solutions help transform and support coordinated care models and improve physician, pharmacy and member alignment while facilitating financial growth and increased satisfaction across all stakeholders.

By combining one of the richest stores of pharmacy, medical, and behavioral data
with advanced analytics, industry-leading technology, and strategic advisory, we can help you optimize
individual consumer health outcomes to help increase revenues, while managing costs and risks.


Value-Based Care

Value-based care is more than looking at individual components of patient care, it’s putting the patient at the heart of the equation to improve success for all stakeholders through increased collaboration, reduced cost, and overall improvement in quality of care

Value-based Care


Through integrated technology and analytic solutions, we help you assess, predict, and manage risk, while personalizing and enhancing care



Our full range of BPO and turnkey healthcare administration solutions, including advanced technologies and strategic consulting services, are designed to help you optimize member outcomes, focus on revenue, and manage risk to remain compliant



Our flexible model can help you navigate the complexity of the healthcare industry while driving the most cost-effective clinical, financial, and operational outcomes for you and your members


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