Solutions for Third-Party Administrators: Prescription Discount Programs

Add reduced-cost drug options for employee-members

Empower your clients to offer a supplement to the pharmacy benefit that adds highly competitive drug-cost saving opportunities for their members. A Prescription Discount Program is particularly valuable for employees who face high deductibles or aggressive cost sharing and can have additional benefits for you and your clients.

  • Prescription Discount Programs help shield participating employees from paying list price for prescriptions by giving them access to PBM-negotiated discounts, even during their deductible phase.
  • When employees use the program, your employers save on drug spend without losing claims data.
  • With an in-house prescription discount program, all transaction data comes to you to help improve the quality and precision of your analytics.
  • Prescription Discount Programs require little to no implementation costs and can generate a new revenue stream.

SS&C Heath: Powering Prescription Savings that support you, your clients and their employees

SS&C Health can provide consultative guidance and support you throughout your Prescription Discount Program implementation. Once you are up and running, our vast national pharmacy network and high claims volume mean we can offer highly competitive discounts to your clients and their members with a concentrated effort on pricing applied for generics. Because we are channel agnostic, employee-members will always have access to the best prices we can negotiate across all channels.

On the back-end, you’ll benefit even further from our transparent business model. We disclose fees and prices to you at the point of sale processing, and our reimbursement rates consist of a pass-through of the actual pharmacy contract rate pricing. Add to that weekly payment cycles and no conflicts of interest and you’ll see: with SS&C, you’ll gain a partner who is powering possibilities for you.