Drug Discount Wrap

Deliver added value to your pharmacy plan members by offering savings off list price for prescriptions that are not covered in the member’s benefit.

As benefit designs evolve, formularies become more restrictive, and drug prices rise, pharmacy plan members are often exposed to unaffordable list prices or prescriptions. They may abandon the prescription or look for a third-party patient assistance program.

The SS&C Health Drug Discount Wrap (DDW) program gives plan members who face prohibitively high prescription costs at the pharmacy access to competitive discounts comparable to those they could get through a Drug Discount Card. The plan determines which denied claims pay through the program, and retains your valuable member claims data for drug utilization review (DUR) and utilization management (UM) edits/programs. They win, and you win.

Our program offers a unique revenue sharing option for you and a seamless experience for your members: No additional ID card is needed.

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