Employ a full spectrum of population health analytics to optimize member care

CareAnalyzer® uses the industry-leading predictive modeling capabilities of the Johns Hopkins ACG System and is the core of our health analytics. CareAnalyzer powers multiple solutions to support quality and value in member care, as well as providing insight useful for value-based reimbursement and transparency within risk-based contracts.

Our unique analytic approach combines elements of regulatory reporting, provider network evaluation, and risk adjustment—all in a single, integrated system.

  • Risk stratification—effectively integrate member-level risk in order to better evaluate members’ needs.
  • Regulatory reporting—measure and report quality standards with industry-accepted HEDIS® methodology, as well as an enhanced measurement list from other industry-recognized quality organizations.
  • Provider network evaluation—gain insight into the performance of providers, enabling you to better engage and educate them in support of more effective patient care.

Population analysis and predictive modeling are only steps in the process of effective population health management. To this end, we offer complementary solutions that combine with CareAnalyzer to provide additional value.

  • CareConnect™, our industry-leading case management system, integrates seamlessly with CareAnalyzer to provide a 360° view of member care. Case managers can use this visibility to efficiently leverage their time as they connect with patients and caregivers on a personalized level.
  • RiskAnalyzer™ is our premium risk adjustment solution that helps pinpoint coding gaps, quantify problems, and prioritize medical record review in order to ensure correct diagnoses and accurate payments. Used together, CareAnalyzer and RiskAnalyzer provide a comprehensive analytic platform for targeting care and coding gaps. This insight enables care managers to intervene in a timely manner, measure the effectiveness of a care plan, and communicate significant events to the appropriate stakeholder.
  • Wiseman Innovations’ 360Ribbon™ can be used with CareAnalyzer to communicate analytical insights with your network of providers at the point of care. The Ribbon sits on top of any EHR/EMR system to automatically display your customized patient view in real-time. This enables you to augment provider intelligence and increase patient satisfaction, while boosting efficiencies, income, and shared savings.

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