Johns Hopkins ACG® System

“Person-focused” healthcare management means genuinely knowing your members and forecasting their needs over time. Identifying patients at high risk, understanding provider performance, projecting healthcare utilization based on medical and/or pharmacy claims, and identifying equitable payment rates can help you measure morbidity and help improve accuracy and fairness.

The Johns Hopkins ACG® System uniquely helps payers and providers understand and measure the impact of multimorbidity by recognizing its patterns for individual patients, subgroups, and whole populations. ACG is used in commercial and research settings in 30 countries impacting nearly 200 million lives. The first tool of its kind, ACG is the most extensively used population health system on the market today and has been referenced in 1,000+ articles in peer-reviewed journals worldwide.

As the exclusive US distributor of the Johns Hopkins ACG® System for health plans in the US, SS&C Health can help clients leverage the system in two ways:

  • Gain access to the most widely used population-based, case-mix system and apply your in-house expertise to improve accuracy and fairness in evaluating provider performance, identify patients at high risk, forecast health care utilization, and set equitable payment rates. Purchase a license.
  • Use CareAnalyzer®, which integrates the Johns Hopkins ACG ® System, to assist you in selecting members who will benefit from care management. Its unique analytics approach combines elements of regulatory reporting, predictive modeling, provider network evaluation, and risk adjustment, and risk adjustment, all contributing to more effective population health management . Learn more.

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