Wiseman 360Platform™

Enable visibility into member risks and care gaps at the point of care

Health plans and Accountable Care Organizations face an ongoing challenge to manage the quality of care provided to patients while monitoring the risk of their member populations. Improvements in quality and risk scores are driven by providers at the point of care, but visibility into key member risks and care gaps can require them to get out of their electronic health/medical record (EHR/EMR) workflow, perhaps even into multiple other systems, disrupting their workflow and the patient visit.

The Wiseman 360Platform™ was built with help from ACO Physicians specifically to solve these challenges. It features 360Ribbon™; an intuitive application clinicians can download as a Chrome extension and use within minutes. 360Ribbon integrates with providers’ standard workflows to identify care and quality gaps at the patient and aggregate population level, leveraging population health data analytics from the Johns Hopkins ACG® System.

Because it is EMR agnostic, the Ribbon can be layered over all major EMR systems, and automatically display a customized patient view in real-time. With visibility into care and coding gaps, providers are guided into precise actions and interventions at the point of care, where they can have the most patient impact.

  • Auto-senses patient in any EHR and opens up a ribbon.
  • Promotes higher quality of engagement, leading to increased patient satisfaction.
  • Provides visibility into HCC discrepancy and care gap closure in real time.
  • Identifies annual wellness visit/risk adjustment opportunities for proactive scheduling.
  • Allows for smart referral management for a narrow and high-performing network of PCPs.
  • Shows hospital alert to enable transition of care.

CareAnalyzer® is at the core of our health analytics and can be used as a complementary solution with the 360Ribbon. The insights gleaned from CareAnalyzer support value- based reimbursement and the needs for transparency within risk-based contracts.

Wiseman Innovations’ 360Ribbon™ communicates these analytical insights from CareAnalyzer with your network of providers at the point of care.  This enables you to augment provider intelligence and increase patient satisfaction, while boosting efficiencies, income, and shared savings.