Pharmacy Network Solutions

Optimize access, control drug spend, and impact the total cost of care for high-risk populations

Customize your network solution to meet specific plan and member needs with SS&C Health’s pharmacy network solutions. Our competitive rates, complete pass-through model, and innovative health and wellness programs focus on optimizing the “choice v. cost” spectrum. In addition, we can help you leverage the pharmacy benefit to impact issues such as medication nonadherence and nutrition choices in a new way for certain high-risk populations.

Our retail pharmacy network solutions include:

  • Open Network – Members can access up to 65,000 retail pharmacies in the US. With the Open Network, members can fill their scripts at the pharmacy of their choosing, with no member price incentives.
  • Preferred Networks – Members retain the option of using any pharmacy in the network, and they save money when they choose a preferred pharmacy.
  • Limited Network – Members choose from a narrower selection of pharmacies or dispensing formats. This option provides the greatest potential for member and plan savings.
  • Cardio Wellness Network – Now available for clients using the Limited Network, the Cardio Wellness Network helps you leverage pharmacy claims information to reduce the total cost of care. We help you identify members at risk for cardio-vascular disease and offer specialized support designed to impact adherence and lifestyle choices that can impact their health. Members will receive condition-specific nutritional counseling, education opportunities, health screenings, and more as part of the pharmacy benefit.