Real-Time Benefit

Price transparency at the point of care, fewer prior authorizations, and reduced prescription abandonment

With SS&C Health’s Real-Time Benefit service, plans can deliver thorough point-of-care drug price transparency for members to promote medication adherence, reduced drug spend, and improved outcomes. Even better, our service allows you to validate actual Real-Time Benefit-influenced savings on pharmacy claims so you can make decisions based on substantiated results instead of relying on projections. SS&C Health’s Real-Time Benefit service features include:

  • Real-Time Benefit outcomes analysis – We link the Real-Time Benefit request to the response, the prescription and the claim so that you can track actual savings.
  • Provider adoption analytics – Track provider prescribing behavior with 30/60-day rolling metrics including the number of requests, unique prescribers and more.
  • Plan and member savings metrics – Know how much you and your members can save when prescribers choose less expensive therapeutic alternatives.
  • Channel option savings metrics – Know how much you and your members can save when prescribers choose less expensive channel options.
  • Self-service capability for plans - You control and make changes to which therapeutic alternatives are visible to providers at the point of care.

Your providers will be able to make efficient, effective prescribing decisions with reliable, comprehensive information that integrates directly into the EHR workflow:

  • Member-specific benefit information
  • Therapeutic alternatives
  • Channel savings options including mail, specialty, and 90-day-at-retail
  • “Faux” fully adjudicated claims

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