Make the most of pharmacy claims data with Clinical Programs

Identify opportunities for member engagement, improved outcomes and reduced spend through integrated pharmacy claims data analysis

Health plans and other payers function as a hub in a member’s healthcare journey and are uniquely positioned to drive value in terms of outcomes and experience for their members. Success will involve making practical sense of the vast amounts of data that are available on topics such as out-of-pocket spending, adherence, hospitalizations, laboratory results, and more. SS&C Health clinical programs help integrate and analyze health data. You’ll have summarized information from key stakeholders – patients, providers, and medical and pharmacy teams at your fingertips to support better, faster decision-making. We offer an array of healthcare data analytics programs that support value-based care. 

  • Real-Time BenefitDeliver thorough point-of-care price transparency to delight your members while promoting  primary adherence, reduced drug spend, and, ultimately, better outcomes. Even better, our solution allows you to validate actual RTB-influenced savings on pharmacy claims so you can make decisions based on substantiated results instead of relying on projections.
  • CMR SupplementImprove your Star Ratings and reduce drug spend with an effective, easy-to-implement, cost efficient CMR solution that offers one of the highest member engagement rates in the industry.
  • Opioid Management ProgramImprove patient safety by monitoring appropriate use, reducing overuse, and supporting abuse/addiction prevention. Our solution helps prescribers and pharmacy team members make better opioid-related decisions along the total healthcare spectrum through the use of clinical edits and DUR protocols, interventions, and analytics and reporting.
  • RxAdherenceReduce therapy drop-off for members with eight chronic conditions for which improved adherence to drug treatment is most likely to reduce total cost of care and improve ROI. We do this by helping you measure prescription non-adherence prevalence and identify intervention opportunities through easy-to-interpret member and disease-level analytics .
  • Utilization Management Programs—Deliver access to effective, appropriate prescription medications at the appropriate price. SS&C Health offers a full suite of utilization management strategies that enhance value for you and your patients, balancing drug spend with appropriate member access to clinically proven medications .

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